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The mission of the Alpha Women Club is to celebrate the incredible journey of the ambitious woman. We celebrate with likeminded women from all over the world and as such we have offline and online meetings every month. The goal is to expand our network, share best practice, learn new things and actively practice being the best version of ourselves. This all happens in a supportive sisterhood environment. We also hold periodical retreats on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

Alpha Premium membership 

Premium members mean business! It’s the senior leaders’ accelerator. Fast track your success in career, business or projects with the absolute best possible team. Linda joins a team of experts to probe into your work in the areas of sales, marketing, finance and idea viability. You’re allocated 4x hot seats per year, where subject matter experts takeover your business, audit and provide “tell it like it is” answers to your questions. You also enjoy participating in the “hot seat” of other premium members and apply it to your own project. It’s a game changer!


the Alpha queen ring

The Ultimate Self-love symbol. This ring is a reminder of an Alpha Woman’s promise to herself, to love herself unconditionally, be kind to herself, recognise her worth and celebrate her strengths and weaknesses alike. It promises never to put anyone else above herself, but to nourish her own life, honour her journey and serve others from her abundance overflow. Here’s to the fabulous you; naturally and beautifully so.


Welcome to AlphaCation

Your most exclusive opportunity to learn, network and play with Linda and other high level trainers .in the personal professional development space. Join an elite level peer group of masterminds who are committed to holistic and sustainable professional success on their terms

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